Want a Super Immune System? Here’s how…

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Want to build a super immune system? Taking things like vitamin C, oil of oregano and echinacea can help, but there's one super way to improve your immune function and healing ability...and it's 100% free. SLEEP! Researches gave subjects a hepatitis vaccine and put them into two groups.  One group was allowed to sleep the [...]

Take GP3 EVO – Become a DEADLY Weapon!

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Beta-alanine is consumed in very small amounts in food or with supplementation. Histidine is consumed in much larger doses from our food. The combination of beta-alanine and histidine creates carnosine, which helps prevent lactic acid build-up.  Less lactic acid allows you to train longer. 20 elite soldiers were given beta-alanine or a placebo and tested [...]

Do You Need More Fiber?

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We all know it - dietary fiber is an essential component to a healthy diet. Do you get enough? If you're like me, chances are the answer is "no". It wasn't until I started using the fancy (and FREE) nutrition app, MyFitnessPal, that I realized I wasn't getting near enough fiber in my diet.  And as a [...]

Caffeine Makes Workouts Wonderful!

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Don't feel like working out - give caffeine a try! Psychologists at Leeds University discovered that taking caffeine prior to workouts makes it more pleasurable. Previous studies have shown that caffeine increases performance for both endurance and strength athletes and a new one shows that it's easier to take physical exercise to exertion. The scientists [...]

Low Zinc Linked to Dementia and Depression

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Zinc and Mental Health A study out of Poland suggests that low zinc levels in the elderly can lead to dementia and depression. Researchers evaluated 100 people aged 60-102. They came to this conclusion after administering a 10 minute questionnaire (the the Abbreviated Mental Test Score) and by determining their serum Zn concentration using flame [...]

Take F-10 on an Empty Stomach for Best Results

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Want to lose fat and get healthier? Green tea extract works - and better when taken this way! Australian researchers wanted to find out if EGCG - the main bioactive substance in green tea - worked better if taken on an empty stomach or with food.  They tried several different methods; empty stomach, with cereal, or in a [...]

Glutamine Does Nothing For Muscle Growth

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Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body. Your body can synthesize it, so it is not an essential amino acid (EAA), but your requirements may at time outpace your rate of synthesis, making glutamine conditionally essential. Historically, however, glutamine has been considered conditionally essential only in the critically hurt or sick — [...]