(12 customer reviews)

$49.99$84.98 or subscribe and save 15%

Experience synergy of three – maximum muscle builder!



(12 customer reviews)

$49.99$84.98 or subscribe and save 15%

Experience synergy of three – maximum muscle builder!

50 Servings!


Experience the Synergy of Three! Countless scientific studies show they work: creatine, beta-alanine, plus B vitamins. More importantly, they’ve been field tested. Taken separately they are effective, but when taken together they work to build muscle and speed recovery! ONLY GP3 EVO™ delivers creatine HCL, beta-alanine and B vitamins in a full dose mega-stack with a unique, advanced delivery system – the GP3 EVO Synergy System™.

GP3 EVO Synergy System

Creatine HCL – absolutely the most absorbable form of creatine (some say 59x more than monohydrate). There is no need for loading or cycling and it won’t cause bloating or water retention. It will increase muscle size, strength, endurance and recovery. 3000mg per serving!

Beta-Alanine – increases muscle Carnosine levels and anaerobic endurance, boosts strength and power and delays muscle fatigue. Beta-Alanine may also amplify the effects of creatine.

B-Vitamins – water-soluble vitamins essential for various metabolic processes including energy, carbohydrate metabolism, fat synthesis, and amino acid metabolism.

On Training Days:

GP3 EVO is taken 30 minutes pre-workout (1 scoop for maximum results) and immediately after training (1 scoop for maximum results).

On Non-Training Days:

GP3 EVO is taken upon waking (.5 – 1 scoop) and again mid-afternoon (.5 – 1 scoop).

When do I take GP3 EVO™?
For maximum results, on training days we suggest 1 scoop 30 minutes before training, and 1 scoop immediately following your workout. Some athletes may choose to consume 2 scoops while they train. On non-training days, we suggest .5 – 1 scoop upon waking and another .5 – 1 scoop eight hours later.

Can I take GP3 EVO with food?
GP3 EVO™ can be taken with food or on an empty stomach.

Do I have to take GP3 EVO on non-workout days?
Yes – it is important in order to keep your creatine levels up. As well, the other ingredients help you to repair from the previous day’s workouts and keep your body in an anabolic state.

Do I need to cycle GP3 EVO?
No, there is no need to cycle GP3 EVO at the recommended dose. It can be and should be, used continually year-round to ensure your gains continue.

Besides GP3 EVO, what other supplements should I be taking?
You don’t need to take any other supplements when taking GP3 EVO. It goes without saying, but even with the addition of GP3 EVO it is necessary to ensure you are ingesting the correct amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fat to reach your goals. To maximize your gains, you can stack GP3 EVO with AMMO-8 or Battle Juice, Warfare, ALPHA and/or F-10 depending on your goal.

Are there any long-term negative side effects?
Absolutely not!

What results can I expect with GP3 EVO?
Within two weeks you should notice an increase in strength, power, and endurance. You will also find that it takes less time to recover from hard training. Most users report more muscle fullness by this time and better pumps in the gym.

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GP3 ice berry nutrition facts

12 reviews for GP3 EVO

  1. Phil Raoult

    Truly a one of a kind product…which is really 3 in 1. The only creatine product I use…and love the added bonus of performance and fat burning.

  2. Maurice Belec

    Love this product!! Gets me fired up for my workouts!! Love the feeling it gives me!!

  3. gilish

    This product is great it realy gives you that extra push and i sure can feel the difference already.only using this 1 week.

  4. Suzanne C.

    I love the taste of GP3 and I love Advanced Genetics products.

  5. Pat B.

    Excellent pre workout, works well on it’s own but even better when combined with Nitric Impact! The combo gives me crazy pumps almost immediately in my workout and on arm day it’s amazing. Leg day my quads get so pumped I have a hard time walking lol.

  6. Andrew B.

    I have truly found amazing benefits to performance using GP3 pre-workout and find it improves muscle recovery when also followed up with as a post-workout as well.

  7. Jodi Livingston

    I take GP3 pre and post-workout! It tastes amazing, and really helps with recovery. I love this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to add some size to their physique!

  8. Robbie Ellerbeck

    Worth every penny you pay!! Tastes amazing and unreal results. Srength increase, and not a crash whatsoever!…anyone whose looking for a bcaa/glutamine/creatine all in one…this product is for you!

  9. Josh

    Def a huge tool in your quest for results. This tastes HANDS DOWN better then ANY other pre/post workout drink and is top quality ! Do your research;THIS cocktail supplement has the correct combination of ingredients to bring you success in your training. I LOVE how you literally can feel it within moments of taking…it’s like an “ON” switch to hit the gym

  10. Mikemallet

    Good quality. Best product to grow muscle and no crash after my workout. Mixed with kamikaze it’s insane.

  11. musicallifeishere

    One of the only products that actually gave me fast solid GAINS.. I used it off and on throughout the years and its always my Go-2 for when I need Legit Results.. I’ve tried many supplements through my years but NONE came close to AG GP3 EVO.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

  12. Kristin Medina

    Good quality. I can feel the difference in my workouts, I can certainly tell when I don’t take it. It’s now a staple in my supplement stack.

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