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33% more ANABOLIC than gold standard EAAs!



(2 customer reviews)


33% more ANABOLIC than gold standard EAAs!


30 Servings!


AMMO-8™ brings the most advanced amino acid supplement research to your fingertips. To meet the need for amino acids during exercise, a supplement containing high amounts of EAAs (including BCAAs) is required. AMMO-8 supplies all nine EAAs in free-form, allowing for optimal absorption and assimilation, with added leucine for even better results.

AMMO-8 is 33% more anabolic than gold standard EAAs!

For maximum results, AMMO-8 (essential amino acid supplement) is taken 1-2 scoops before or during training.

Leucine – the most powerful amino for stimulating skeletal muscle protein synthesis via mTOR. Instantized for easier mixing!

Phenylalanine – a precursor for tyrosine, which signals dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine.

Lysine – a necessary building block for muscle protein, plays a major role in calcium absorption, improves recovery and aids in the bodies production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies.

Valine – required for muscle metabolism, repair and growth and maintains nitrogen balance in the body.

Threonine – a key component of collagen, elastin, and enamel proteins, helps digestion and intestinal tracts and improves immunity, coverts to glycine that reduces constant and unwanted muscle contractions (spasms).

Isoleucine – promotes muscle recovery after exercise, helps form hemoglobin, and assists with blood sugar regulation and energy levels.

Histidine – needed for the growth and repair of muscle tissue, maintenance of the myelin sheaths that act as protector for nerve cells, the manufacturing of red and white blood cells, and helps product gastric juices to aid in digestion.

Methionine – acts as an excellent antioxidant, assists in the breakdown of fats, assist in the digestive system, and detoxifies the liver.

Tryptophan – helps the body make proteins and brain-signaling chemicals, such as serotonin.

What’s the best way for me to take AMMO-8?
The best way to take AMMO-8 is 1-2 scoops before or during training. It can be mixed in water, carbohydrate beverage and/or GP3 EVO/Warfare. We also suggest taking 1 scoop AMMO-8 first upon waking with Athlete’s Superfood (optional) to get your body anabolic and alkaline as quickly as possible.

Can I mix AMMO-8 in protein powder?
You could add AMMO-8 to any protein meal or drink to make it more anabolic. For pre and intra-workout we recommend taking it on its own or mixed with a carbohydrate drink (see Battle Juice). The non-essential aminos acids found in regular protein will only “get in the way” of the more important essential amino acids found in AMMO-8.

Does AMMO-8 replace the hydrolyzed protein or isolate I’ve been using for my workouts?
YES! AMMO-8 is vastly superior to isolate and even hydrolyzed protein. You would have to take 3x the amount of protein to get anywhere near AMMO-8’s anabolic effect. And even then, the digestion and absorption doesn’t come close.

Is it true that some of the studies showing AMMO-8’s effectiveness were done on military soldiers?
Yes, AMMO-8 was carefully designed with a number of studies as references, and some were done with soldiers. Read more HERE.

Why not just take BCAAs?
BCCAs (leucine, valine, isoleucine) make up only 3 of the 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAAs).  BCAAs are quite good for minimizing muscle breakdown, but for actual muscle protein synthesis and growth, all EAAs must be present.

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  1. Phil Raoult (verified owner)

    Haven’t used BCAA since Ammo-8 came out. Great science behind this product.

  2. Maurice Belec (verified owner)

    love this product!! I’ve been taking it for a while and when my girlfriend started using it her hairdresser asked what she had changed because her hair had improved significantly!! Things you wouldn’t even expect!! This is why these are my go to products!!

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