Essential Amino Acid Research Revealed Ammo-8

Essential Amino Acid Research revealed! Ammo-8 EAA formula

We put a lot of thought into the AMMO-8 formula.  Here’s some gripping stuff…

Researchers* had soldiers cycle for an hour at 50-60% of their VO2 max.  During that hour, they drank a 500ml solution of either a gold standard EAA blend or a leucine-enhanced mix with lower amounts of the other amino acids.

Essential Amino Acid Research - EAA
Essential Amino Acid Research.

After examining muscle fibre samples, researchers found 33% more protein synthesis in the leucine enriched blend (the same formula as AMMO-8).

Essential Amino Acid Research reveals some great information regarding EAA
Essential Amino Acid Research (EAA)

“Consumption of a 10-g dose of EAA enriched with leucine during moderate endurance-type exercise stimulated increased MPS when compared with an isonitrogenous EAA supplement with an amino acid profile consistent with high quality proteins”, the researchers write. “Increasing leucine availability during steady state exercise promotes skeletal muscle protein anabolism and spares endogenous protein.”

We extract from this research that exercise resulting in muscle breakdown (weight training) will benefit greatly from this leucine-enriched amino acid formula.  If you haven’t tried AMMO-8 yet, get it HERE and take your muscle gains to the next level!

*Leucine-enriched essential amino acid supplementation during moderate steady state exercise enhances postexercise muscle protein synthesis.
Pasiakos SM, McClung HL, McClung JP, Margolis LM, Andersen NE, Cloutier GJ, Pikosky MA, Rood JC, Fielding RA, Young AJ.

Essential Amino Acid Research (EAA) by Stefan Pasiakos

Read about essential amino acid research on military soldiers in this study by Stefan Pasiakos. Small description is below, for the complete read on essential amino acid research click here.


The effects of essential amino acid (EAA) supplementation during moderate steady state (ie, endurance) exercise on postexercise skeletal muscle metabolism are not well described, and the potential role of supplemental leucine on muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and associated molecular responses remains to be elucidated.

This randomized crossover study examined whether EAA supplementation with 2 different concentrations of leucine affected post-steady state exercise MPS, whole-body protein turnover, and mammalian target of rapamycin 1 (mTORC1) intracellular signaling.

Eight adults completed 2 separate bouts of cycle ergometry [60 min, 60% VO(2)peak (peak oxygen uptake)]. Isonitrogenous (10 g EAA) drinks with different leucine contents [leucine-enriched (l)-EAA, 3.5 g leucine; EAA, 1.87 g leucine] were consumed during exercise. MPS and whole-body protein turnover were determined by using primed continuous infusions of [(2)H(5)]phenylalanine and [1-(13)C]leucine. Multiplex and immunoblot analyses were used to quantify mTORC1 signaling.

Military Nutrition Division, US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Natick, MA, USA.

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