(14 customer reviews)

$49.99$125.99 or subscribe and save 15%

The strongest High Stim / High Nootropic pre-workout available…now with Glyco-Surge!




(14 customer reviews)

$49.99$125.99 or subscribe and save 15%

The strongest High Stim / High Nootropic pre-workout available…now with Glyco-Surge!


60 Servings!

The Highest Stim Pre-workout Ever...Just Got Better!

Kamikaze. The name says it all. With 500mg of caffeine per full scoop, coupled with the most powerful stimulants and nootropics available, this is one pre-workout that will have you powering through any training session and putting your gym bros to shame. And now it’s got the added benefit of the incredible PUMP that comes with Glyco-Surge!

Kamikaze is taken 30 minutes pre-workout (.5 scoop). Always start with with 1/2 scoop or less!

L-Tyrosine – increases levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine. By increasing these neurotransmitters, Tyrosine helps improve mood, memory and performance.

Caffeine – rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream to improve alertness and cognitive performance. Activates adrenaline. Signals better muscle activation. Spares muscle glycogen stores, preferring instead to burn fat as energy.

Huperzine A – an alkaloid extracted from a club moss called Huperzia serrata. Huperzine A has neuroprotective and nootropic properties and gives a mental boost that lasts.

Dendrobium – used to promote the health of the stomach, kidneys, and lungs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  It is also used as a strengthening tonic because it contains powerful alkaloids that can stimulate physical strength, energy and mental focus!

Citrus Reticula – effectively increases metabolic rate.

Schisandra Chinensis – used as an “adaptogen” for increasing resistance to disease and stress, increasing energy, and increasing physical performance and endurance. Also protects the liver, normalizes blood sugar, stimulates immune function and speeds recovery.

Synephrine – chemically similar to ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, but does not elevate blood pressure. Synephrine increases ATP (an anaerobic energy source) and stimulates AMPK, and enzyme that burns fat.

Glyco-Surge (65% glycerol) – Glycerol has been well established as a “hyperhydrating agent” because of its unique ability to affect blood plasma levels. Glyco-Surge helps increase visible vascularity by increasing blood flow to muscles.

When do I take Kamikaze™?
For maximum results, on training days we suggest 1/2 scoop (or less!) 30 minutes before training.

Can I stack Kamikaze?
You can combine Kamikaze with GP3 EVO and Battle Juice for maximum effectiveness. 

Do I have to take Kamikaze on non-workout days?
No, but it’s amazing in times of need (gaming, studying, etc.).

Do I need to cycle Kamikaze?
It’s always a good idea to cycle stimulants or take a short break of 3-7 days.

Is there anything illegal in Kamikaze?
It may feel as though it’s gotta be illegal, but Kamikaze has been granted an NPN (natural product number) from Health Canada. Always check with your federation’s list of banned substances if you compete in tested events.

What makes Kamikaze so powerful?
Kamikaze is stimulant focused.  It combines powerful nootropics with the highest amount of stimulants in any pre-workout…ever.

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Kamikaze nutrition facts 2022

14 reviews for KAMIKAZE

  1. J. Davis

    This is the BEST pre-workout I have ever tried!!! More flavours pleasse…

  2. Rachel L

    Works great, but on half dose, I never take full because it’s way too much.
    Good product though.

  3. Umberto C.

    This product gives me the prefect boost to do my workout

  4. Shawn

    This has become one of my new favourite pre workouts. Great taste and solid formulation

  5. Shawn B.

    5 out of 5 for me. Loved the flavor. Good dose of stims and other ingredients. Most days I only needed a half scoop.

  6. John J.

    By far the best pre workout on the market. Great pump and high energy. I stock up all the time.

  7. Dustin S.

    The high stims in the pre workout have helped me have better workouts from increases focus and motivation. Will take again.

  8. Mark N.

    Lots of sustained energy, but did not crash after.

  9. Lisa S.

    Great all around pre workout. Good pump, good stim. Great cost per serving as well!

  10. John J

    The best preworkout

  11. Krista A.

    Our favorite pre workout

  12. Kristin M.

    This pre kicked in hard and took my workout by storm. Leg day never stood a chance. If you’re struggling with intense workouts this pre will definitely give you that extra push you need.

  13. Dan

    Although the taste is a little less nice than some, this is the best pre-workout I’ve tried. I’ve had to pull back on my training on this product because I was on the verge of blowing my arms out – not exaggerating. This product is definitely worth a try – and if it’s too strong, take a half scoop and it’ll last longer.
    Probably even better than Gat NitraFlex US blend, which up to this point was my fave – now this is!

  14. JC

    How do you celebrate the weekend I set aside the regular pre-workout, and reach for the high-stims! Half dose only though. It’s strong. I went from my normal hour and a half to nearly three hours (use some electrolytes intra-workout).
    I agree the taste is…well… not the most awesome, but that’s the least of my priorities.
    Does it work Yes. Take it and get to the gym and do what you came to do.

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