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Delicious gourmet whey protein powder enhanced with Synermune™ Natural Colostrum.


(7 customer reviews)

$29.99 or subscribe and save 15%

Delicious gourmet whey protein powder enhanced with Synermune™ Natural Colostrum.

Gourmet Whey Protein

 Warzone Whey is a convenient and delicious blend of full spectrum whey protein isolate and cold temperature processed whey protein concentrate. Warzone Whey is enhanced with Synermune™ Natural Colostrum. Warzone Whey™ is protein worthy of the AG Army.

When do I take WARZONE Whey™?
Any time you need protein.  Some studies suggest that whey taken immediately post exercise promotes greater muscle gain.

Mix one scoop with 250 ml (1 cup) of water or your preferred beverage. Take 1-3 times daily. Warzone Whey makes a perfect addition to your favourite smoothies or recipes.

Can I stack other AG products with WARZONE Whey?
Yes, all of our products will work with WARZONE Whey.  Use it as you would any other protein source.

What is Synermune Colostrum??
Specialized high-quality, high-potency Synermune™ Colostrum is some of the highest quality bovine colostrum in the world. Meeting the highest standards in the world for human consumption, Synermune™ Colostrum is designed to provide maximum immune protection and stimulation. Only specially selected USDA Grade A dairy cows are used for Synermune™ Colostrum, all of which must be certified to be free from antibiotics at the time of milking. Synermune™ is available only in select dietary supplements from those companies that want to ensure consistent high quality and potency for their customers.

Colostrum is the most potent natural supplement available for support and enhancement of the immune system. An incredible source of immunoglobulins, immuno-enhancing molecules, growth-stimulating factors, nutrients, nucleotides, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, colostrum’s most important function in nature is to protect the vulnerable newborn from infection and disease. Unlike single ingredients such as Echinacea, Colostrum has many components, all of which have been shown in scientific studies to provide optimum, broad-spectrum protection. Perhaps most importantly for you and your family, Colostrum supplements are safe for all ages.

Isn’t isolate better than an isolate/concentrate mix?
Not really.  While it’s true that you will have less carbohydrates and fat with an isolate, you may lose some of the immune and health benefits from whey when it is excessively processed. The carbs and fat are still very low. If you have any issues with lactose you can take a lactase supplement with it, but try it first – you may be surprised at how well it digests! WARZONE Whey – The number one choice for whey protein powder.

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7 reviews for WARZONE WHEY

  1. Maurice Belec

    Best flavour of protein I’ve had and it’s not hard on the stomach!!!

  2. Phil Raoult

    I love the no nonsense appeal of this product. No BS, no artificial sweeteners….just protein. Tastes great too.

  3. Kimmyberla

    Both vanilla and chocolate taste amazing. I especially like the fact that they both don’t have too many ingredients…all of which I actually know what they are. What a game-changer! “Clean” protein is the only kind for me. Love this product! Highly recommend!


    Trust Me A+ Stuff

  5. clacelle1973

    the taste is realy good and mixes very well Good quality.

  6. John Johnson

    Best tasting in a long while – wife has no stomach issues with any of this line – will buy again.

  7. Wade

    This is by far the best protein I’ve used. Blends well tastes amazing and is easy on the stomach. I highly recommend Warzone whey. There is no better!

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