Wage War Stack

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Make each workout count with the Wage War Stack! Fully dosed pre, intra and post-workout nutrition.


An essential amino acids supplement can help greatly with building muscle. AMMO-8™ brings the most advanced amino acid research to your fingertips. With an anabolic effect 300% more than whey and 33% over normal EAA (essential amino acid) formulations, AMMO-8 sparks protein synthesis and halts muscle breakdown.

GP3 EVO - Muscle Builder

Countless scientific studies show they work: creatine and beta-alanine. ONLY GP3 EVO™ delivers both in a full dose mega-stack with a unique, advanced delivery system.

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It's your choice. Warfare or Kamikaze

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Make each workout count with the Wage War Stack! This extensive pre, intra and post-workout combo will give you extreme focus, energy and pumps, accelerate muscle protein synthesis and promote cell volumization, muscle size, strength and endurance: Kamikaze/Warfare, AMMO-8 and GP3 EVO.

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GP3 EVO - Muscle Builder

GP3 EVO Flavor


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Kamikaze Gummy Worm, Kamikaze Rocket Pop, Warfare Citrus (stevia), Warfare Guerilla Grape, Warfare Ice Berry


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