Cardio: Which, When, Why? | Facebook Live with IFBB Pro Chris Johnson

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Advanced Genetics CEO Chris Johnson IFBB Pro shares his insight into cardiovascular exercise during this Facebook Live broadcast. Which type of cardio is best for you: HIIT or LISS? When is the best time to do cardio? Should you do cardio fasted? Chris answers these questions and many more. Military Grade Supplements for Building Muscle and [...]

Glute Training with CBBF Bikini Champ

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Tuning in on mobile? Watch the video HERE! Glute training with CBBF bikini champ Sonja Johnson.  She'll show you how to tone, tighten and build your glutes!  This video takes you through a full gluteus workout demonstrating proper exercise choices, rep speed, and form.  Sonja placed second in two national championships in 2015 and is looking to earn [...]

Shock & Awe: GVT III & IV

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GVT training is not for the weak at heart. Congratulations on making it through rounds one and two. Go back to your exercise protocol for round one. If you were able to complete all ten sets for 10 reps each, up your weights by 5-10%. Follow the same split. Round one will become round three and [...]

Shock & Awe: GVT I

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Back in 1996 German Volume Training (GVT) was introduced to the consciousness of bodybuilders via one of the greatest muscle magazines of all time, Muscle Media 2000.  Charles Poliquin, renowned strength coach, wrote the article gaining this method of training, which had been around since the 1940’s, its notoriety. Basically the routine requires 10 sets of [...]