Do You Need More Fiber?

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We all know it - dietary fiber is an essential component to a healthy diet. Do you get enough? If you're like me, chances are the answer is "no". It wasn't until I started using the fancy (and FREE) nutrition app, MyFitnessPal, that I realized I wasn't getting near enough fiber in my diet.  And as a [...]

12 Weeks Out from the Naturals Classic – Supplements 101

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IFBB Pro Chris Johnson is co-promoting the Naturals Classic ( This drug-tested event is a qualifier for the CPA Natural Nationals and is open to all competitors across Canada. There is a Novice division for first time competitors. The day is April 7, 2018 and will be held at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In [...]

AG Survey Results

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AG Survey Results First off, thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our quick eight question survey. We really, really appreciate it.  The only way we can get better is to know what needs fixing. We also very much appreciate those of you who filled out the comments section...and we'll answer some [...]

Rich Piana’s Autopsy Revealed

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Florida’s District Six Medical Examiner has completed Rich Piana’s autopsy (read the full report at MuckRock). Here’s what got reported: an enlarged heart (and “significant heart disease”) mild coronary atherosclerosis (plaque buildup on the artery walls) fatty liver congested thyroid congested kidneys discolored kidneys ischemic brain tissue (i.e. brain tissue that had lost blood supply) necrotic [...]

Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana Remembered | Live Every Moment

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Chris Johnson reflects on the lives of Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana - from his own perspective/experience. RIP brothers in iron. Military Grade Supplements for Building Muscle and Losing Fat! Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram:

Advanced Genetics at the Toronto Pro Supershow 2017

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Take a tour of the Toronto Pro Supershow expo floor with IFBB Pro Chris Johnson. Military Grade Supplements for Building Muscle and Losing Fat! Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram:  

Facebook Live | Interview with Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Champion Rene Leger

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Advanced Genetics CEO Chris Johnson IFBB Pro interviews powerlifting and bodybuilding champion Rene Leger. Rene recently set new IPA Canadian and world records. Find out how he balances the two disciplines, how he trains, what he eats and what he's up to next. Military Grade Supplements for Building Muscle and Losing Fat! Facebook: Twitter: [...]