Nerds VS You!

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Nerds vs you! Who do you listen to when it comes to exercise science? It's important to give some attention to the nerds who study in the labs (I LOVE nerds btw) because they're uncovering some pretty neat shit when it comes to training and nutrition. So listen to what they have to say and give [...]

Shock & Awe: Back & Biceps, Legs

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Here are the other two days for Heavy Duty training! Back & Biceps Exercise Sets Notes A1. DB Pullovers 1   A2. Pulldowns with Rope 1 triple drop on the pulldowns B. Bent Over  Bar Rows 1 single drop C. Smith Machine Barbell Shrugs 1   D. Hyperextensions 1   E1. Preacher Curls 1   E2. [...]

Shock & Awe: Heavy Duty Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

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Way back in 1993 Mike Mentzer released the first version of his book, Heavy Duty.  In it he espoused his views on training as a science and, compared to what the books and magazines had previously promoted, they were revolutionary.  Our next series of workouts will be based, in part, on Menzter’s philosophies. Training will be [...]

Shock & Awe: Bionic Man III

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Hope you're enjoying the slow reps.  Really focus on the muscles being trained - this will help you in all of your future workouts. Time for Round III! Chest, shoulders, tris Flat hammer press - 5 sets Hammer Strength shoulder press - 4 sets (go a little lighter on the last one to get a burn) [...]