Glutamine Does Nothing For Muscle Growth

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body. Your body can synthesize it, so it is not an essential amino acid (EAA), but your requirements may at time outpace your rate of synthesis, making glutamine conditionally essential. Historically, however, glutamine has been considered conditionally essential only in the critically hurt or sick — burn victims and other people in whom physical stress is exceptionally high and catabolism (body-tissue breakdown) rampant.

But can glutamine help build muscle?

The answer is an almost certain “no”. (See the table showing the studies and their results.)  We’ve even talked about glutamine before in our blog, but it’s worth repeating.

Is glutamine useless?

We don’t think it’s useless.  The intestinal tract eats it up like candy…so it could be beneficial for leaky gut or IBS.For gaining muscle though, you’re best bet is to spend your hard earned money on creatine, amino acids and protein.

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