(4 customer reviews)


A new protein is coming…Fall 2022


(4 customer reviews)


A new protein is coming…Fall 2022

30 Servings!


Build muscle with the highest, cold-filtered quality whey protein powder.  22.5 grams of pure protein per 30 gram scoop: zero maltodexrin/fillers, zero amino spiking, 100% natural flavouring and stevia sweetened.  Warzone Whey™ is protein worthy of the AG Army.

When do I take WARZONE Whey™?
Any time you need protein.  Some studies suggest that whey taken immediately post exercise promotes greater muscle gain.

Can I stack other AG products with WARZONE Whey?
Yes, all of our products will work with WARZONE Whey (WW).  Use it as you would any other protein source.

What makes Military Whey better than other proteins?
WW is made from the highest quality whey protein powder, is stevia sweetened and contains no fillers or added aminos (which trick nitrogen testing).  WARZONE Whey is the cleanest protein available.

Isn’t isolate better than an isolate/concentrate mix?
Not really.  While it’s true that you will have less carbohydrates and fat with an isolate, you may lose some of the immune and health benefits from whey when it is excessively processed. The carbs and fat are still very low in WW. If you have any issues with lactose you can take a lactase supplement with it, but try WW first – you may be surprised at how well it digests! WARZONE Whey – The number one choice for whey protein powder.

Scientific Research:

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Warzone Whey vanilla nutrition facts

4 reviews for WARZONE WHEY

  1. Maurice Belec

    Best flavour of protein I’ve had and it’s not hard on the stomach!!!

  2. Phil Raoult

    I love the no nonsense appeal of this product. No BS, no artificial sweeteners….just protein. Tastes great too.

  3. Kimmyberla

    Both vanilla and chocolate taste amazing. I especially like the fact that they both don’t have too many ingredients…all of which I actually know what they are. What a game-changer! “Clean” protein is the only kind for me. Love this product! Highly recommend!


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