Take F-10 on an Empty Stomach for Best Results

Want to lose fat and get healthier? Green tea extract works – and better when taken this way!

Australian researchers wanted to find out if EGCG – the main bioactive substance in green tea – worked better if taken on an empty stomach or with food.  They tried several different methods; empty stomach, with cereal, or in a shake, and the results conclusively showed that the first worked best.

In fact, they found that the subjects’ blood EGCG level were three to four times higher when they consumed the EGCG on an empty stomach than under the other conditions.

We’ve always recommended taking F-10 or our pre-workouts on an empty stomach. Through our own trial and error, we’ve found they work better this way.  Our CEO, Chris Johnson, goes so far to say that nearly all supplements should be taken on an empty stomach or prior to food for best absorption.

Antioxidants 2015, 4, 373-393.

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