Longevity Trick: Keep Up Your Anabolic Hormone Levels

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Study Researchers followed 410 men aged 65-92 for six years. Just before the study began, the researchers measured the concentration of DHEA-S, bioavailable testosterone and IGF-1 in the men's blood. Results The combined concentration of the anabolic hormones DHEA, testosterone and IGF, after the researchers had filtered out age, education, BMI and other factors, was [...]

More Sleep can Double Your Testosterone Level!

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More Sleep can Double Your Testosterone Level Older men can sometimes double their testosterone levels by getting more sleep, according to a human study that Plamen Penev of the University of Chicago published in Sleep. Not enough sleep Nearly all of us probably get too little sleep, mainly because we are seduced every day by the [...]

Fenugreek Boosts Bodybuilders’ Testosterone

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Bodybuilders who take 500 mg fenugreek extract daily increase the amount of bio-available testosterone in their blood, write sports scientists at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Their study suggests that fenugreek has an anti-oestrogenic effect. Animal and human studies have shown that fenugreek has a mild [...]

The Truth About Steroids

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On a mobile?  Watch the video HERE. The truth about steroids and some of the considerations you should make before deciding to take them, straight from IFBB Pro and AG CEO, Chris Johnson. There are a lot of truths and fallacies floating around the internet regarding steroids.  They'll cause you to have fits of anger, uncontrollable acne, improved [...]