AG Survey Results

AG Survey Results

First off, thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our quick eight question survey. We really, really appreciate it.  The only way we can get better is to know what needs fixing. We also very much appreciate those of you who filled out the comments section…and we’ll answer some of them in this post.

On to the results…

How easy is to navigate?​


We’re quite happy with this score although there’s room for improvement.  We recently updated our home page and we think this will improve the functionality of the site.  There’s now a better search function to the blog (lots of great info here!).

How would you rate the shopping experience at​


Our shopping cart is nothing fancy – a simple Woocommerce version that takes PayPal as payment. It looks like the majority of you find it easy to use.  Recently, we added a one click purchase option. (You’ve got to be logged in to use this function.) Our goal is to get this rating closer to five in 2018.

​Do you feel our products are reasonably priced?

87% say “yes”

This is a good result in our opinion. Advanced Genetics has never claimed to be the least expensive supplement brand around. We use top quality ingredients and everything is 100% to the clinical dose label claim. Be sure to join our newsletter to take advantage of occasional sales!

Do you believe Advanced Genetics supplements are of the highest quality?


Advanced Genetics users are among the most loyal in the industry. Thank you!!! Chris has put his heart and soul into every formula and commits 100% to ensuring they’re the best. It’s very cool to see the vast majority are in agreement.

Are you happy with the selection of supplements that Advanced Genetics provides?


Excellent! We’ve tried to cover the major categories without too much overlap.  We’re happy you’re happy.

How would you rate Advanced Genetics customer service?


Although this rating is pretty good, we want it closer to 5 for 2018. We’ll work on it! Our plans are to install some sort of customer chat window on our website.  Until then, you can reach us through our contact page or via toll free 1-877-792-5080.

​How likely are you to recommend AG supplements to a friend?


Is aiming for 10/10 unreasonable? We don’t think so. That’ll be our goal for 2018.

We want to hear from you! What can we do to make your experience better?

Here are some things you had to say:

I think that your products are phenomenal. The stacking WOW. I started your products towards the end of summer. Started hammering my cycling. Had people in awe at my speed and distance in the time that I was doing it. On gravel at that. Can’t wait Till next summer.

Awesome, thanks! We hope you’ll contact us again next summer reporting continued improvements.

I ordered a sticker and i never received it! I write on your website to mention the fact and never anyone answer me! I paid for it! Anyways and your preworkout is not very effective, for me at least”

We went through our order system and found your email from September 11. We responded on September 12 asking for your order number but have yet to hear back (please be sure to include all of your order info when you contact is for support). Just sent you another email so hopefully you get it (we forwarded the original response so you can see we’re not full of poo). As for the pre-workout, we have two. If you’re caffeine insensitive, you may need to up the dosage a little bit. Try 2.5 scoops of Warfare or 3 capsules of Flash Bang. If you don’t feel that, you need to lay off stimulants for a bit.

Love everything about AG. Won’t use anything else”


The only thing I would recommend is just to do more give aways especially when you launch a new product.

This a great idea, thank you! We’ve got at least two new products we’re working on for 2018 so we’ll be sure to do this.

This is my second experience as a customer from AG, and there isn’t anything I would Change.”

Fantastic, thank you!

The delivery is UNBELIEVABLY SLOW! We live in Alberta & have never experienced such slow service . Not sure how this is possible as we do many online orders from USA and across Canada & it never takes this long. My second order I haven’t received yet & I’m still waiting & it’s been 2 weeks!!! RIDICULOUS. Your service & mail system needs to be fixed as it’s very frustrating & not sure if I will continue to buy your product. I shouldn’t have to wait this long for product within Canada. Thanks

Thank you for this. We are working on a faster system to get orders out same day. Sometimes orders ship from Nova Scotia (if they contain clothing) so this does result in a slower shipping time.  You should receive tracking in your email as soon as your order ships (if you don’t, please contact us right away: 1-877-792-5080). Most orders are shipped centrally from our warehouse in Ontario. Currently Canada Post is the service we use and they’re pretty good…most of the time.

Ordering on line at AG is not difficult. When wanting to purchase products at stores there are not many options locally although I know I can travel to the city (which is over an hour away) to purchase product. I like the F-10 and the Estrofree product. The new lemon lime flavor is really good as well in the Ammo 8.”

Thank you! We’re glad you’re enjoying our products.