Greens for Keto!

Are you trying one of the hottest nutrition and weight-loss crazes out there? The ketogenic diet is everywhere these days, particularly among athletes who want to slim down to get stage ready while maintaining muscle mass. As effective as keto is for some, the protein and fat-rich keto diet is rather restrictive; there are a lot of foods you can’t eat but that your body needs. If you’re on the keto diet, you need to take supplements to replace the nutrients from foods that you aren’t consuming with such regularity anymore.

In addition to replacing those lost nutrients, transitioning to the keto diet takes a toll on your body. Many dieters experience symptoms of the “keto flu,” like headaches and fatigue. The high fat/protein diet can also be tough on the digestive system, resulting in diarrhea, nausea, and bloating.

Athlete's Superfood

Why take a greens powder whilst on Keto? Replacing lost vitamins, micronutrients and minerals is essential. A greens powder will help the gastrointestinal system digest the fat-rich diet and aid in helping you get your daily intake of plant-based nutrients, so supplementing with greens is a fine idea while on the keto diet. 

Greens powders are beneficial to everyone, but they can be especially beneficial for those on keto diets. So, there’s no surprise that lots of people following keto diets are searching for the ideal green powder out there.  Athletes Superfood is 100% Keto friendly – if you have a look at the nutrition facts panel, you’ll see that you don’t need to buy a brand with the word “KETO” in it, which often just bumps up the price!

Athletes Superfood contains an extensive list of greens, fruits, grasses, sea plants, extracts, and herbs that will increase energy levels, boost concentration, increase mental clarity and focus, aid with deep sleep, boost the immune system and reduce anxiety and stress levels – with only 1 gram of impact carbohydrates!

Transparency with supplement brands is something you should look for, so that you know exactly how much of each ingredient you are getting. That’s why all of the ingredients, and the amounts of each ingredient, are shown on Athletes Superfood (and all of our products).

So, if you’re on Keto we highly recommend you give Athletes Superfood a try, it will help push toxins from the body and provide you with essential nutrients needed for daily optimum health. Support your gut health, increases your energy levels, push toxins from your body, aid with exercise recovery, boost your immune system and supports brain function.

Monika Mackenzie