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  • Sale! Athlete's Superfood


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    Athlete’s Superfood will ensure you get all the essential micronutrients to maximize your efforts. This nutrient-dense, great-tasting formula makes getting your 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a breeze!

  • Sale! Battle Juice Tropic


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    Never before has there been a complete intra-workout product like Battle Juice.

  • Sale! Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber

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    Carbon Fiber delivers a full 5 grams of fiber per single scoop – 100% naturally!

  • Sale! Health Stack

    Health Stack

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    The combination Athlete’s Superfood, Go Dark and Carbon Fiber is the ultimate insurance for optimal health.

  • Sale! Warzone Whey chocolate


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    Build muscle with the highest quality 100% pure whey protein powder.  22 grams of pure protein per 30 gram scoop: zero maltodexrin, zero amino spiking, 100% natural flavouring and stevia sweetened.  WARZONE Whey™ is protein worthy of the AG Army.