Bikini VS Bodybuilder – Bicep Barbell Curls

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Bikini VS Bodybuilder Round Two. In round 1 we saw bikini athlete Sonja Johnson and bodybuilder Tim Love battle it out for supremacy in leg training.  See VIDEO In round 2, national bikini athlete Jessica Leger challenges IFBB Pro Chris Johnson to a bicep barbell curls challenge. Who wins? You decide!

What is the Optimal Training Frequency Per Muscle Group?

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What is the optimal training frequency per muscle group? Breaking news!!! We're getting this information to you before it even gets published in Sports Medicine... According to American sports scientist Brad Schoenfeld, training a muscle group twice per week may produce more muscle growth than training just once. He looked at 491 studies of which only  ten were [...]

How Many Workouts Can You Skip Before Losing Gains?

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Most of us here are pretty hardcore and the the thought of missed workouts sends shivers down our spines. But occasionally we have no choice to miss a workout.  Family commitments, friends in distress, huge sale at Y'know...important stuff. So how many workouts can we miss before we slow our progress? Brazilian scientists set out [...]

Doucette Uncensored – Top 10 Training Tips

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The "Doucette Personal Training and Consulting" Tip of The Day. Numerous factors go into determining if one will ultimately achieve their specific fitness goals. Here are my top 10 training tips. 1. Training Frequency: The biggest mistake people make is only training each body part once a week. Studies have shown that more frequent training results in greater [...]

The Mind Muscle Connection – Integral to your Gains!

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ATTENTION: the following mind muscle connection article is for bodybuilders and other physique athletes looking to build muscle. Athletes training for specific sports or for function may not find it as useful. However the techniques listed can be used in phases where hypertrophy is the goal. There are many factors that determine how easily (or not) [...]

JLB’s PreExhausted Hypertrophy – Chest Building Program

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Justin's Chest Building Program Justin Breau is a certified nutrition and training coach at New Leaf Fitness. He's developed many training programs and this is an excerpt from one of them, his "PreExhausted Hypertrophy" program.  Give this workout a try your next chest day.  Like it? Contact Justin for the complete program as well as a [...]

Strength Training Fights Belly Fat Better than Aerobic Training

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Men who do strength training keep their fat percentage lower in the long term than men who run, cycle or do other aerobic exercise. Epidemiologists at the University of Harvard came to this conclusion after following 10,500 men for 12 years. Strength training and body fat At first glance you'd think that aerobic forms of exercise [...]