How Much Protein Do You Need?

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IFBB Pro and holistic nutritionist Chris Johnson taks about how much protein you need to support building or maintaining muscle mass. Link to bioavailability of different proteins: But Chris would like to point out that it doesn't really matter what protein looks best on paper - it's the one that YOUR individual body can assimilate [...]

Everything you NEED to Know about the Ketogenic Diet – Facebook Live

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IFBB Pro Chris Johnson explains the ketogenic diet, how it works, the various versions, macro ratios and answers questions on Facebook Live. Advanced Genetics - Military Grade Supplements for Building Muscle and Losing Fat! Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram:

10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Life

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10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Life Yoga - For hard training athletes, I recommend Yin or Restorative. These types are less strenuous and may help with recovery from your weight training workouts. Calculate your protein intake. Aim for at least 1 gram per pound of lean body weight. Divide this amount [...]

Gain 21% More Muscle Using This Whey Supplement!

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Add a Whey Supplement, Add More Muscle! Researchers studies three groups over a 21 week period: weight training plus 15 grams of whey protein before and after training (30 grams total). weight training plus a placebo before and after training. no weight training (control group). At the end of five months, the placebo + weight training [...]

Drinking Protein Before Bed = More Muscle!

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A 2015 study published in the Journal of Nutrition studied whether or not drinking a protein shake before bed would result in more muscle. They looked at 44 male students for 12 weeks who either drank a protein shake before bed (just under 14 grams) or a placebo. Increase in muscle.   Increase [...]

Prep Friendly Chocolate Vanilla Protein Cups

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Try this amazing recipe from Advanced Genetics athlete, Julie Brake-Germain for Chocolate Vanilla Protein cups. Add 3 scoops of chocolate Military Whey protein powder to just enough water to make a pudding consistency. The add 2 scoops vanilla Military Whey protein to unsweetened vanilla almond milk - again into a pudding like mix. First layer the chocolate "pudding" [...]

High Protein Cookie Dough Recipe

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High Protein Cookie Dough Recipe Looking for a quick and easy way to up your protein intake for the day? Here's one of the easiest recipes we've come across for making a delicious protein snack.  It's perfect for anyone on a low carbohydrate diet who needs a little break from chicken and salmon. All you'll [...]