Longevity Trick: Keep Up Your Anabolic Hormone Levels

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Study Researchers followed 410 men aged 65-92 for six years. Just before the study began, the researchers measured the concentration of DHEA-S, bioavailable testosterone and IGF-1 in the men's blood. Results The combined concentration of the anabolic hormones DHEA, testosterone and IGF, after the researchers had filtered out age, education, BMI and other factors, was [...]

How to Eat 6-8 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables in Under 30 Seconds!

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How to eat 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables in under 30 seconds! Military Grade Supplements for Building Muscle and Losing Fat! Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram:

How to Meal Prep | Food Preparation and Planning for Fitness & Health

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Chris and Sonja Johnson reveal their secrets for meal prep. How many meals should you prep in advance? What's the best way to reheat food? What kinds of foods should you eat? Military Grade Supplements for Building Muscle and Losing Fat! Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram:

IFBB Pro Chris Johnson Reveals Biggest Nutrition Secret!

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Advanced Genetics CEO and IFBB Pro Chris Johnson reveals his biggest nutrition secret. Having trouble with your diet? After this video you may have a better idea how to structure your meal plan to avoid adding unwanted body fat while still being able to build muscle. This was recorded Live from Facebook. Join Chris every Sunday [...]

Beauty Sleep is the Real Deal!

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We've all heard it before, "I've got to go home and get my beauty sleep." But is 'beauty sleep' a real thing or just an excuse to leave a really boring party? Scientists from Sweden performed a study where they showed 23 subjects (men and women varying in age between 18 and 31) to a [...]

Creatine Makes Kidneys Healthier

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Creatine is not bad at all for the kidneys, researchers at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil concluded after a study on eighteen healthy test subjects. The researchers assessed the kidney function of the subjects using a new, more precise method. Creatine makes kidneys healthier The traditional method that doctors use to assess kidney function [...]