Training at Oceanside Fitness!

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Check out this epic training video filmed at Oceanside Fitness in Shediac, New Brunswick. Featuring IFBB Pro Chris Johnson, Advanced Genetics athletes Ms. Nova Scotia Sonja Johnson and Rene Leger as well as Nutrabolics' Jonni Shreve and the team from Rumble and Bomb Energy drinks.

Fitness Community – We’re in this Together!

By |2015-09-17T22:41:31-03:00April 1st, 2015|Categories: News & Announcements|Tags: , , , | Fitness community - we're in this together! Listen, it doesn't matter what diet plan you follow or exercise regimen you commit to, the fact is you're trying to be fit! And even though it feels like our community is huge, it really isn't.  Take a look around your work place or a busy street.  Very [...]

Subscribe to us on YouTube!

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For information on training, nutrition, supplements, steroids, and the latest and greatest from Advanced Genetics, subscribe to our YouTube channel: AdvancedGeneticsTV  

Shock & Awe: Heavy Duty Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

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Way back in 1993 Mike Mentzer released the first version of his book, Heavy Duty.  In it he espoused his views on training as a science and, compared to what the books and magazines had previously promoted, they were revolutionary.  Our next series of workouts will be based, in part, on Menzter’s philosophies. Training will be [...]

Shock & Awe: Bionic Man III

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Hope you're enjoying the slow reps.  Really focus on the muscles being trained - this will help you in all of your future workouts. Time for Round III! Chest, shoulders, tris Flat hammer press - 5 sets Hammer Strength shoulder press - 4 sets (go a little lighter on the last one to get a burn) [...]

Shock & Awe: Bionic Man II

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Hopefully you enjoyed round one of Bionic Man training.  Here are your next four days of workouts: Chest, shoulders, triceps 60 degree incline db (see video on YouTube) - 4 sets Machine lateral raises - 4 sets (the last one is pretty tough so lower the weight or do a single drop set - video on [...]

Shock & Awe: Bionic Man I

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Chapter Five: Training Bionic Man If you’re under 35 you may not know who the Bionic Man is, so a quick introduction is due.  Here’s a Wiki link for you youngsters: Basically whenever Steve Austin would do something that required super strength, the camera would show it in slow motion emphasizing the sheer power of [...]