5 Tips for Bigger Biceps

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If you want to learn how to build your arms, ask a guy who had none and then got them to grow. 5 tips to building bigger biceps: 1. Use perfect form. I used to let my elbows swing out away from my body when doing curls. This worked my shoulders more than biceps. Keep your [...]

Bikini VS Bodybuilder – Bicep Barbell Curls

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Bikini VS Bodybuilder Round Two. In round 1 we saw bikini athlete Sonja Johnson and bodybuilder Tim Love battle it out for supremacy in leg training.  See VIDEO In round 2, national bikini athlete Jessica Leger challenges IFBB Pro Chris Johnson to a bicep barbell curls challenge. Who wins? You decide!

Shock & Awe: Back & Biceps, Legs

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Here are the other two days for Heavy Duty training! Back & Biceps Exercise Sets Notes A1. DB Pullovers 1   A2. Pulldowns with Rope 1 triple drop on the pulldowns B. Bent Over  Bar Rows 1 single drop C. Smith Machine Barbell Shrugs 1   D. Hyperextensions 1   E1. Preacher Curls 1   E2. [...]