(10 customer reviews)


REAL nitric oxide pumps and REAL muscle growth!



(10 customer reviews)


REAL nitric oxide pumps and REAL muscle growth!

20 – 40 Workouts

Don’t Just Train…Wage WAR with this Powerful Pre-workout!

Are you just going to the gym to train…or are you going to wage WAR?! In order to force muscle growth, you have to use sufficient intensity. Warfare™ pre-workout is designed to deliver maximum energy and focus while at the same time creating REAL nitric oxide pumps and REAL muscle growth. You’ve never experienced a full force pre-workout like this!

Warfare is taken 30 minutes pre-workout (2 scoops for maximum results). Access your tolerance with 1 scoop.

Citrulline Malate – increases nitric oxide, the cell-signaling molecule that regulates blood flow, oxygen delivery, glucose uptake, muscle firepower, and muscle growth! Citrulline malate also reduces lactic acid and ammonia, and increases ATP and phosphocreatine recovery. 6 full grams per 2 scoops – the most in the industry and the amount shown in human studies to produce maximum effects.

Betaine Anhydrous – shown to increase muscle strength and power, increase protein synthesis and creatine production in the body.  One human study showed an increase of 4 pounds of lean muscle (arm size by 10%) and a decrease of 7 pounds of fat using the same dose available in 2 scoops of Warfare!

Tyrosine – improves alertness and cognitive performance. Tyrosine also maximizes body composition, prevents overtraining and reduces mental fatigue.

Vitamin C – the antioxidant effects of vitamin C protect nitric oxide by preventing free radicals from degrading it. Vitamin C also has numerous health benefits such as producing healthy cells, speeding wound healing, improving iron absorption, and aiding in the production of collagen (supporting skin, connective tissue and blood vessels).

Caffeine/Dendrobium/Citrus Reticula/Schisandra Chinesis/Synephrine – elevates epinephrine/adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin creating laser-like focus, intense energy and heightened mood and awareness.

When do I take WARFARE™?
Powder: For maximum results, on training days we suggest 1-2 scoops 30 minutes before training.

Can I stack Warfare?
You can combine Warfare with GP3 EVO and Battle Juice for maximum effectiveness.

Do I have to take Warfare on non-workout days?

Do I need to cycle Warfare?
It’s always a good idea to cycle stimulants.  You can cycle with Kamikaze, Flash Bang or F10.

Is there anything illegal in Warfare?
It may feel like it, but Warfare has been granted an NPN (natural product number) from Health Canada. Always check with your federation’s list of banned substances if you compete in tested events.

What makes Warfare better than other pre-workouts?
Most pre-workouts are stimulant based.  Occasionally they will also deliver a good nitric oxide system (but usually are extremely under dosed!). Warfare is the first to deliver real ingredients with full dosages to truly deliver a great stim and nitric oxide effect…and it actually BUILDS MUSCLE! Warfare is a powerful pre-workout supplement for athletes.

Scientific Research:

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Warfare Grape Nutrition facts

10 reviews for WARFARE

  1. Maurice Belec

    amazing energy and focus!! Love this!!

  2. Phil Raoult

    Amazing energy, pumps, focus and no crash. This pre isn’t missing anything.

  3. Kimmyberla

    I’m so thankful that AG came out with a great tasting flavoured/powered preworkout. I’ve tried all of the flavours. I have to say that Guerrilla Grape is my favourite! This preworkout blends so nicely and not clumpy at all. I def feel like my workouts are greatly improved whenever I take Warfare! Thanks for making this AG!

  4. Curd Hoss

    I personally am living the Warfare man!!

    Used it when I crushed my 550 lb bench at my meet April 1st

  5. Jason L

    Crazy pumps and energy! My favorite pre hands down

  6. Sam

    Just pick up a bag today, 2 scoops and yea, it works. Used pretty much every pre-workout out there and this is great. Great energy, great pump and great taste.

  7. Anonymous

    In my opinion, the use of food dyes in supplements is unnecessary. So when my previous pre-workout stopped being offered in a non-dyed flavour I decided to give Warfare Iced Berry a try. The flavour is pretty good without being overpowering. It’s got the key ingredients I look for and it delivers a good pump. And it doesn’t contain food dyes or a lot of useless filler ingredients. It could maybe use a touch more stimulant but this is now my pre-workout of choice.

  8. Brad D.

    It’s a great pre workout, no crash either after 2 scoops just nice and clean. Taste is just okay 👍 not amazing but not bad either

  9. Kristin M.

    This is great for your tough workouts, the flavour is great, a little nostalgic with the perfect kick.

  10. Natacha D.

    I love this preworkout. I really helps me to zero in and focus on lifting.

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