• AG ARMY Gift Card

    Not sure what to get that person in your life that lives for the gym? We've made it easy with AG Army Gift Cards. You can choose your amount and simply enter the recipient's email address and we'll send the card to them. Send it right away or choose the date to coincide with a birthday, holiday or special occasion. It's fast, simple and the cards never expire!
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    Ammo-8 Double Down

    $99.98 $84.99
    There's no better way to get your essential amino acids than with AMMO-8 and now you can get more for less with the AMMO-8 Double Down! AMMO-8™ brings the most advanced amino acid research to your fingertips. With an anabolic effect 300% more than whey and 33% over normal EAA (essential amino acid) formulations, AMMO-8 sparks protein synthesis and halts muscle breakdown.
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    Only one can lead the pack...The ALPHA male. Be the leader! Contains: 1 Testdex, 1 ALPHA, 1 Go Dark
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    Now you can drink your greens and save with the Athlete's Superfood Double Down! Athlete’s Superfood will ensure you get all the essential micronutrients to maximize your efforts. This nutrient-dense, great-tasting formula makes getting your 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a breeze!
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    The ultimate fat incineration combo: F-10, GP3 EVO
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    General’s Stack

    $174.96 $139.99
    Looking to put on maximum size? Want to experience super-human recovery? How about a nice increase to all of your lifts? Or maybe you're just looking for a pump like you've only read about. It's time to FEEL your workout like only a PRO can! This is IFBB Pro Chris Johnson's personal peri-workout stack.
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    Men’s Bronze Stack

    $169.96 $129.99
    The men's bronze stack contains everything a man needs to build muscle and shred body fat!
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    Men’s Gold Stack

    $409.91 $299.99
    Whether it's big gains, shredding fat or a major transformation, our Men's Gold Stack
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    Men’s Silver Stack

    $269.94 $199.99
    Are you heading to war fully prepared? Get the Men's Silver Stack and take the gym head on!
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    Do you love our 100% New Zealand Whey protein? Double down and SAVE! Build muscle with the highest quality 100% New Zealand whey proteins derived from meadow fed, anti-biotic, rBGH and BST hormone free cows.  21 grams of pure protein per 30 gram scoop: zero maltodexrin, zero amino spiking, 100% natural flavoring and stevia sweetened.  Military Whey™ is protein worthy of the AG Army.
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    Wage War Stack

    $149.97 $119.99
    Make each workout count with the Wage War Stack! Fully dosed pre, intra and post-workout nutrition.
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    Women’s Bronze Stack

    $149.96 $119.99
    Bundle these products in the Women's Bronze Stack for added value and expedited results!