• GP3 EVO – Muscle Builder

    Countless scientific studies show they work: creatine and beta-alanine. ONLY GP3 EVO™ delivers both in a full dose mega-stack with a unique, advanced delivery system.
  • WARFARE – Pre-workout

    Are you just going to the gym to train…or are you going to wage WAR?! In order to force muscle growth, you have to use sufficient intensity. Warfare™ pre-workout is designed to deliver maximum energy and focus while at the same time creating REAL nitric oxide pumps and REAL muscle growth. You’ve never experienced a full force pre-workout like this!
  • FLASH BANG – Pre-workout

    Back for a Limited Time! Get insane pumps and focused energy! Never has there been a pre-workout capsule like Flash Bang™. Flash Bang is so cutting-edge that it truly earns the reputation of being "military grade". Wage War!
  • Kamikaze.  The name says it all.  With 500mg of caffeine per full scoop, coupled with the most powerful stimulants and nootropics available, this is one pre-workout that will have you powering through any training session and putting your gym bros to shame.  
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    General’s Stack

    $174.96 $139.99
    Looking to put on maximum size? Want to experience super-human recovery? How about a nice increase to all of your lifts? Or maybe you're just looking for a pump like you've only read about. It's time to FEEL your workout like only a PRO can! This is IFBB Pro Chris Johnson's personal peri-workout stack.
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    Wage War Stack

    $149.97 $119.99
    Make each workout count with the Wage War Stack! Fully dosed pre, intra and post-workout nutrition.