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What is the Optimal Training Frequency Per Muscle Group?

What is the optimal training frequency per muscle group?

Breaking news!!! We’re getting this information to you before it even gets published in Sports Medicine…

According to American sports scientist Brad Schoenfeld, training a muscle group twice per week may produce more muscle growth than training just once. He looked at 491 studies of which only  ten were well done enough to consider.

So what is the optimal training frequency per muscle per week? Two, three or more?

Brad came up with three conclusions:

“When comparing studies that investigated training muscle groups between one to three days per week on a volume-equated basis, the current body of evidence indicates that frequencies of training two times per week promote superior hypertrophic outcomes compared to one time”, he wrote. “It can therefore be inferred that the major muscle groups should be trained at least twice a week to maximize muscle growth.” Conclusion one.

“Whether training a muscle group three times per week is superior to a twice-per-week protocol remains to be determined”, he then added. “Due to an absence of data, it is not clear whether training muscle groups more than three days per week might enhance the hypertrophic response.” Conclusion  two.

“That said, training a muscle group once a week was shown to promote robust muscular hypertrophy and remains a viable strategy for program design”, he wrote. Conclusion three.

Source: Effects of Resistance Training Frequency on Measures of Muscle Hypertrophy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Brad J. Schoenfeld, Dan Ogborn, James W. Krieger

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