Generation Iron TV Series

Generation Iron TV Series – Advanced Genetics Official Title Sponsor

Generation Iron TV Series – AG as Title Sponsor!

Generation Iron TV Series is here! Advanced Genetics ( has partnered with the Generation Iron Fitness Network ( show entitled “Radical Body Transformation”.

The show is produced by Edwin Mejia and Vlad Yudin, the producer and director of the hit bodybuilding movie “Generation Iron” (featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Narrated by Mickey Rourke) as well as the world’s top bodybuilding contest, the Mr. Olympia. The show is directed and hosted by James Hergott, the business director of “Generation Iron”, and producer/director of multiple documentaries and TV shows as well as a Canadian National level bodybuilder.

The show will follow selectmen and women and partners them with elite trainers. We follow their transformation as they get their body into their all time best condition, usually with the pay off being a contest. Already selected have been an interesting and attractive mix of people at different levels of fitness. In some cases they will be filmed training, their home life, background, the behind the scenes at competitions such as the Arnold Classic, The Toronto Pro Show and Canadian Nationals, depending on their level of achievement. Also covered are individuals from various physique divisions, everything from bodybuilding to bikini.

The Generation Iron TV Series begins filming in Dec of 2014 and will conclude Aug 2015. There will be approximately 15-20 episodes for the first season which will premiere in March of 2015.

Advanced Genetics will be supplying a number of supplements to the participants in order to help them achieve their goals including gaining muscle and losing fat. IFBB pro Chris Johnson, CEO of Advanced Genetics endeavoured to design an effective line, based on real science and real world experience. Director Hergott comments; “We are thrilled to utilize the top notch supplements Advance Genetics has created to transform not only bodies but lives! We now consider ourselves part of the AG Army to wage war on empowering people with the knowledge and tools to get the the body and health they have always desired.”

About Generation Iron TV Series

The Generation Iron Fitness Network is the first ever digital space where you can get all things bodybuilding in one place. That means workout tips to get you pumped; contest coverage of the latest big shows; and on the spot breaking news about the pros. This is the best collection of shredded muscles and pumped up iron. Our goal is to provide brand new, original programming that you can watch right on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. We’ll give you access to the biggest stars of bodybuilding and an inside view of their world. It takes a lot of hard, hard work to live the life of a bodybuilder but that doesn’t mean at the end of the day that you can’t kick your feet up and watch some high quality entertainment about the thing you love the most – pumping some serious iron.

You can view more about the Generation Iron TV series here.