Gain 21% More Muscle Using This Whey Supplement!

Add a Whey Supplement, Add More Muscle!

Researchers studies three groups over a 21 week period:

  1. weight training plus 15 grams of whey protein before and after training (30 grams total).
  2. weight training plus a placebo before and after training.
  3. no weight training (control group).

At the end of five months, the placebo + weight training group had gained 2.57 kg (5.67 lb) of lean body mass, while the whey supplement + weight training group had gained 3.1 kg (6.8 lb). That’s 21% more muscle!

whey supplement


So if you’re looking to increase the effectiveness of your weight training, it looks like a good idea to add whey protein pre and post workout.  Alternatively, we would suggest considering a high quality EAA (essential amino acid) supplement like AMMO-8 to your program. 10 grams of AMMO would be the equivalent of 30 grams of whey protein.

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