We already know that diets high in sugar cause fat gain. Fructose is one sugar in particular that bodybuilders have shunned. At Advanced Genetics, we feel some well timed fruit is a good idea, but fruit juices and glucose-fructose syrups are best avoided. Science shows us that not only do diets high in this sugar cause fat gain…they also cause cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, to go up.

Serbian researchers examined two groups of male rats – one given water and the other given water with 10% fructose. The amount of free fatty acids in the sugar drinking rats was significantly higher (not a good thing!) as was the number of cortisol receptors in their cell nuclei.

Bottom line (something we already knew): eat a low fructose diet for better health.

J Nutr Biochem. 2013 Jun;24(6):1166-72.