You’ve heard it before – eggs are not heart healthy. That’s because they’re very high in dietary cholesterol, something some doctors and nutritionists are still telling their patients to avoid “at all costs”! But we’re here to settle the debate once and for all: EGGS ARE NOT DANGEROUS!

All the hubbub began when scientists discovered that a yolk contains 150-180 mg cholesterol. “So much cholesterol was bad for the heart and blood vessels”, was the interpretation of nutritionists worldwide and everyone was advised to limit their egg eating to 2-3 a week (a whopping 12-18 gems of protein). Heck, that’s not bodybuilding!!!

Luckily for us Chinese researchers decided to find out the truth once and for all. They accumulated all the data from 17 studies (involving 474,342 people) which looked at heart attacks and stroke. Eggs, it turns out, actually reduce the chance of stroke. (Attention diabetics! They did find that you may increase your chance of heart attack if you eat whole eggs.)

So go ahead and enjoy your egg whites, protein pancakes and omelettes!!!

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