6 Tips for Staying Fit Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration. And boy, do we like to celebrate by eating…LOTS! So how do we minimize the negative effects of indulgence? Here are 5 simple tips that you can utilize to keep yourself in tip top shape heading into the New Year.

Drink plenty of water between meals. 

This is a very good tip to use all year long. Drinking water between meals ensures you stay hydrated without interfering with food digestion.  This holiday season up your water intake by 20%. This may reduce your desire to overeat.

Train before your feasts.

Doing a heavy weight training session before you gorge on turkey dinner is a great way to rev up your metabolism. The higher your metabolism is running, the less food that will be stored as body fat.

Keep to your training program.

optimal training frequency

It’s important to stick to your workout plan.  Many people will slack on their training and overeat. The result is disaster which means “getting in shape again” gets added to your list of New Years resolutions.

Eat the green leafy stuff.

While you may want to focus on meats, potatoes and bread, be sure to eat plenty of veggies.  Not only will they keep you regular in these days of overconsumption, but they’ll also fill you up. Fibrous carbs slow digestion and contain very few calories, yet are rich in micronutrients.

Eat a little less on the other days.

If you know that you’re going to have a series of extravagant meals over the holidays, consider eating a little less on the other days during the week.  This way you’re balancing the overall calories you consume during the week.

Add a fat burner to increase metabolism and decrease appetite.

Adding a fat burner like F-10 to your daily program can help you burn fat at rest and curb your appetite. It’ll also improve your mood and energy which is priceless, especially when you’re accosted by work associates, kids and in-laws.