3 Summer Shredding Tips You Need to Incorporate Now

The summer season is upon us and you should be in your best shape. Wait, you’re not? Well, fear not because there is still time and there’s lots of great weather left to enjoy. Perhaps you’ve been busy with work and not really paying attention to what you’re been doing with your nutrition or maybe you aren’t putting in the level of intensity you need to be doing while training or perhaps you’ve let your cardio sessions go by the wayside for whatever reason. Regardless of what it is that’s gotten you to a point where you’re not happy about your current physique and feel less like going to the beach and more like staying covered up in your AG Army hoodie, it’s time to make a change and one for the better and the three tips you’re going to get in this article will get you started on your summer shred.

Summer Shred Tip #1: Eat Like a Dog

You’re probably laughing and or scratching your head at this one (note the resemblance of your actions already). When I say you should start eating like a dog, what is meant by that is when you feed a dog the right way, everything is measured out. All vets will tell you this and any time you look on the back of the bag of food you buy for your dog, it will give you the right food measurement according to the size of your pet so that they stay in a healthy weight range. Well, low and behold, that’s the same thing we should be doing if having a lean body composition is something that’s important to you and it should be. So, yes, figure out what your daily caloric needs are, split up those calories into the macronutrient groups placing an emphasis on eating a higher protein, lower carb and moderate healthy fats approach, measure all of your food so you know for sure you’re hitting those calculated numbers and then simply be consistent with this diet day in and day out until it’s time to make a change to compliment the progress you’ve made.

Summer Shred Tip #2: Put in the Work

It’s understandable that time is of the essence and there are only so many hours in the day to get everything accomplished that needs to get done; I get it. With your job obligations, family time, kids playing sports, yard work that needs attention, upgrading course work to complete and everything else that gets thrown your way without expecting it, how can you possibly give an hour or two a day to weight training and the cardio sessions you need to complete along with the meal prep that’s necessary to get shredded for the summer? The answer to that question is, YOU JUST DO! Stop looking for excuses as to why you’re not already in shape such as you just don’t have the time and simply find the time. If that means you start your day earlier so you can get in your cardio, then so be it. If it means going to the gym later on in the evening once work is done, family time has been spent and the kids are in bed for the night, then that’s when you train. Don’t have the energy you need once you get to that point in your day? Well, take serving of Kamikaze, Warfare or F-10 and you’ll have all the energy you need. You just have to settle in with the fact that you have to put in the work to get the results you need regardless of where that work fits within your day. It’s as simple as that.

Summer Shred Tip #3: Use your Ammunition

The final tip that I would like to offer here is to use the ammunition you have or could have at your disposal to get shredded. What I’m referring to here is if your life is that busy and getting to the gym everyday is next to impossible for you yet being in shape for the summer is incredibly important to you, then you’re going to need to purchase a few items that will be invaluable for your success. First off, invest in some equipment that you can have at your home. I’m talking about buying yourself a stationary bike or treadmill or some other piece of cardio equipment that you can use in the convenience of your own home so that all you have to do is take a serving of F-10 as soon as you wake up and then head down to the basement and get going. Secondly, maybe looking at getting some home gym equipment for yourself isn’t a bad idea. A bench, dumbbells and even some resistance bands can go a long way when you couple it with body weight exercises and a little bit of innovation. This way, if you can’t get to the gym, at least you have the option of resistance training at your own home. Finally, your most powerful ammunition could be the people you count on to support you. If you can get a little bit of help with prepping meals or dropping the kids off at practice or doing the grocery shopping, this could free up some much needed time for you during the day. I know not everyone has this option, but if it’s there, use it.

The summer is such as fun time of the year, especially for those of us who have to endure crazy winters, so why not be in a place where you can enjoy every aspect of being in great weather? Part of that is being in great shape and not only will it improve your quality of life and the confidence you’ll have knowing you look your best, it will probably make you question why you get out of shape in the first place. Look, if you’re reading this article on this website, then you’re most likely already into bodybuilding so why not just look like a bodybuilder all year long? That means, staying in shape all year long so you don’t have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle to get in shape for summer. Do all the things mentioned in this article all year long and you won’t just be summer ready, you’ll be vacation ready when the winter months hit and if you’re struggling with finding time because you’re always so busy, a vacation may be exactly what you need.

Author: Dana Bushell

Dana Bushell, a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University (BAHK, B.Ed) is an Educator, Writer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nutrition Advisor, Contest Prep/Lifestyle Coach and former competitive bodybuilder, who has been involved in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years. He has worked and written for major fitness publications and many popular bodybuilding sites, is a Gym Star Team member and works hard at teaching and promoting a fitness-based lifestyle in his career as a Physical Education Specialist.