10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Life

  1. Yoga – For hard training athletes, I recommend Yin or Restorative. These types are less strenuous and may help with recovery from your weight training workouts.
  2. Calculate your protein intake. Aim for at least 1 gram per pound of lean body weight. Divide this amount evenly among your meals for the day. Running short on your daily requirement? Drink a scoop or two of Military Whey to get it in.
  3. Drink water. Your body is roughly 60% water. If you are smaller aim for 3-4 liters. Larger, aim for 4-5. Your urine should be clear.
  4. Get enough sleep.  CLICK HERE for a comprehensive article on how to maximize your sleep.
  5. Reduce your exposure to chemicals. This includes things like medications, deodorant, skin creams, sunscreen etc. There are also chemicals in our air and water which are nearly impossible to avoid.  To reduce the xenoestrogens from these things, men can use Testdex and women Estro-Free.
  6. Start a gratitude list.  Focuses on the positive in your life (of which there is an abundance!) rather than the negative, will make your life much happier.
  7. Take walks in nature. We are animals and part of nature. Getting out into the wild and connecting with other natural beings is essential to help us ground ourselves and appreciate the beauty of natural things.
  8. Eat more greens. Fruits and vegetables contain micronutrients that have yet to even be identified by man. As they are natural and in the perfect quantities/forms to be absorbed in our system, they are much more benficial to use than synthetic man-made ones.  Not getting fruits and veggies in with every meal? Each concentrated scoop of Athlete’s Superfood is the equivalent of eating 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables.
  9. Meditate. Just 10 minutes a day can change the chemistry of your brain…for the better! Here’s an easy to comprehend link for learning how to meditate. It’s much easier than you may think!
  10. Love yourself.  Only by forgiving, respecting and loving yourself can you love others.

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