Free Supplements

Free Supplements

WIN Free Supplements Every Month!

Each month we will draw a winner(s) for a FREE Advanced Genetics supplement. In January we will draw for one winner, in February two, in March three and so on until we are drawing 12 winners in December. Winners will be listed below each month. All subscribers will receive valuable information about training, nutrition, and supplements as well as the first look at new products and first chance at any new promotions we may be running.

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January:  A. Vaters – Military Whey

February:  M. Phin, M. Tiveron – Battle Juice

March: K. Smith, T. Powers, J. Stewart – ALPHA

April: H. Philips, L. Rogers, K. Minion, A. Johnson – Testdex

May: T. Little, S. Neeb, F. Connors, L. Hartlen, M. McDougall – Shape Up

June: M. Golini, M. Gold, H. Guertin, C. Perry, H. Hache, T. Halcraft – AMMO-8

July: K. Johnson, D. Doucette, P. Hill, S. MacPherson, F. Colley, B. Cameron, K. Hackett – Warfare

August: A. Morehouse, L. Rioux, J. Michener, J. Johnson, Y. Coggins, P. Fox, P. Smith, G. Niles – GP3 EVO

September: 9 winners TBA

October: 10 winners TBA

November: 11 winners TBA

December: 12 winners TBA

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