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Heavy Duty - Round III & IV

The final two rounds of Heavy Duty are repetitions of rounds one and two.  Try to increase your weight or reps (or both!), really challenging yourself to improve on the...

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Heavy Duty - Round II

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps Exercise Sets Notes A1. weighted dips 1 negatives after failure A2. bench press 1   B. machine lateral raises 1 negatives after failure C. reverse pec deck 1 triple drop set D1. cable kickbacks 1   D2. v-bar pushdowns 1 single drop set     Back, Biceps Exercise Sets Notes A1. reverse grip pulldown 1 partials after...

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Heavy Duty - Back & Biceps, Legs & Calves

Here are the other two days for Heavy Duty training! Back & Biceps Exercise Sets Notes A1. DB Pullovers 1   A2. Pulldowns with Rope 1 triple drop on the pulldowns B. Bent Over  Bar Rows 1 single drop C. Smith Machine Barbell Shrugs 1   D....

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